Teaching and Related Experience

TEFL Certification Program   11/15-12/15
New York City, NY
• Acquired teaching strategies useful for teaching foreigner learners of all levels.
• Taught a practicum.
• 100-hour certification.

ESL Instructor   05/17 to 08/17
NYC English Center - New York, NY
• Taught classes of adult learners of multiple nationalities primarily low intermediate and low advanced.
• Employed the communicative approach for ESL learning, designing unique lesson plans the engaged the students with the world around them in practical situations.
• Incorporated: 1) kinetic-based learning activities in order to keep my students active and engaged throughout the entire lesson; 2) field trips to cultural centers in Manhattan to reinforce grammar learn (ex: museums and coffee shops); 3) interactive web and print materials such as Netflix documentaries, YouTube, young adult and children’s novels (for low intermediate) and the New York Times and Time Out (for low advanced); 4) creative writing exercises to demonstrate the flexibility of the English language.

Volunteer ESL Teacher   04/17 to Present
YMCA - New Rochelle, NY
• Teach classes of 4 to 8 adults while incorporating fun, creative, and unique techniques.

Professor of English   01/15 to 09/15
English World – Lima, Peru
• Taught private classes to student/groups of students: preparation for entrance into English Institutes; TOEFL; instructed English for practical use in/out of the workplace.
• Designed unique lesson plans for each student or group: levels ranged from basic to intermediate to upper intermediate to conversational. 
• Employed materials such as: YouTube, Graphic Novels, The Wall Street Journal, and Facebook.

Volunteer Poetry Instructor   06/13 to 08/13
DewMore Baltimore – Baltimore, MD
• Led poetry workshops and constructed lesson plans for the award-winning Baltimore Citywide Youth Poetry Team (ten-fifteen students, ages thirteen-twenty one) during the summer of 2013.

Teaching Assistant   02/12 to 05/12
Jemicy Upper School – Owings Mills, MD 
• Assisted in teaching English to eighth and ninth grade students with learning disabilities, including dyslexia; also, was responsible for teaching students on one-to-one basis. 
• Constructed and taught my own lesson plans with clear and concise educational objectives, focusing on the lower levels of Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge, Comprehension, and Application. 
• Approx. 100 hours of experience.

Computer / Language Skills 
• Working knowledge of Spanish.
• Proficient with Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.